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Happy Brains @ Work


An inspiring ecosystem of brain-friendly activities that strengthens your resilience and mental flexibility at work
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A mind-expanding transformation journey towards a more sustainable work-life 

powered by cutting-edge insights from Neuroscience, Contextual Behavioral Science (CBS), and the Inner Development Goals (IDG).

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The way we are working isn't working

Too often at work we get stuck in old behaviors with a mind that is judgemental, stressed out, full of doubt and overwhelmed.

We live in a challenging time where the world around us is becoming more turbulent faster than most organizations are becoming more resilient, We urgently need to strengthen our ability to handle complexity and uncertainty without losing the capability to make wise and long-term decisions. Both individually and collectively, at work, and outside of work a new mindset and skillset is greatly needed.

Psychological Flexibility

We used to believe that in order to perform better on the outside we must first invest time in changing the inside. Today science has taught us differently. Instead of changing our thoughts we need to change our relationship to them. We need to become more psychologically flexible.

Happy Brains @ Work will provide your entire team with new insights into what is possible to achieve with the help of psychological flexibility and how neuroscience can help you handle different situations in a more brain-friendly way. All to increase your overall productivity and sense of wellbeing.

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Be present

Being able to respond more effectively to the problems and challenges life inevitably presents us with.

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Open up

Holding our own thoughts and emotions a bit more lightly.

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Do what matters

Acting on longer term values and goals rather than short term impulses, thoughts and feelings.

Teaming up with world leading scientist and expert

In order to provide you with the most comprehensive, cutting edge, evidence based intervention program on psychological flexibility we hooked up with Philippe Goldin, one of the world's leading neuroscientist within his field, and Viveka Ramel, clinician/psychotherapist specializing in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and other evidence-based therapies. Through an amazing creative process, in beautiful settings, while having tons of fun, the concept of Happy Brains @ Work was born.

A brain-friendly work culture
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In order for us to find a more fluid, brain-friendly and sustainable way of working we must first understand what it is that is not working today! Why are our brains so overwhelmed? Why are our minds so “sticky”? What are we doing wrong?

It all starts with neuroscience. Getting to know how your brain works.  Seeing things from a different perspective. Teaming up to become stronger.

Happy Brains @ Work will provide you with all the necessary knowledge, skills and neuro-insights to be able to think and act more brain-friendly.


How are we going to manage launching the program to all employees?

The program is developed on a scalable platform that every employee will have access to, which also includes a comprehensive onboarding process. You can initiate the project with a kickoff, which we will be responsible for, ensuring a strong start that can include both lectures and workshops. It can be conducted either live or digitally, depending on the conditions you have.


Is there a specific leadership support in the program?

Yes, there are specially designed knowledge modules for leaders, and there are many concrete tools they can use in various contexts, both at the individual, team, and company levels.

What effects can we, as a company, expect?

In recent research, psychological flexibility has been shown to greatly improve business performance and mental health and wellbeing as well as enhance other organization-level interventions.

  1. Increasing the ability to handle seemingly opposing perspectives without losing the capability to make wise and long-term decisions.

  2. Helping people concentrate on the task for longer periods of time and become more mindful of what they are doing.

  3. Increasing the salience of tasks by linking them explicitly to goals, behaviors and values, thereby increasing motivation.

  4. Helping people recognise when to persist and when to change behavior, rather than being trapped into ineffective patterns of behavior.

Additionally, your company's employer brand will increase as your leaders and employees learn to work more sustainably, both mentally and professionally.

Common questions

Happy Brains @ Work - an overview
Meet The Team

Trine Grönlund

  • LinkedIn

Founder of Innergi


Anders Jidorf

  • LinkedIn

Partner and CEO Innergi

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Viveca Ramel

  • LinkedIn

Clinical Psychologist, Teacher, and Scientist

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Philippe Goldin

  • LinkedIn

Scientist and Professor at University of California, Davis

Let's get together

There is so much we would love to share with you about Happy Brains @ Work. Drop by our office in the middle of Lund or let's hook up at your place over a cup of coffee. Together we will explore how we can make a real difference in the world.

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